Our demands:

(Nuestras Exigencias en EspaƱol)

Disempower, disarm and disband the Philadelphia Police Department and all private police departments.

We lift up the demands of organizers from the Black Philly Radical Collective and our comrades at Philly for Real Justice. You must meet their full demands: https://tinyurl.com/ycao5364

  1. The City must transfer ownership of Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA), Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority (RDA), and Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation (PHDC) vacant property to a permanent community land trust for permanent low income housing administered by local community control committees.
  2. The City must put a moratorium against PHA, RDA or PHDC buying, acquiring, obtaining, trading, auctioning or selling off properties to private entities until all PHA waiting lists applicants have been housed and pending an independent study on the effects of mass sales and trade offs on communities and community members.
  3. The City must Fire all cops and city or city contracted workers that do not treat us with respect and dignity. The process must be public and transparent. You must stop cops from kicking people awake every morning.
  4. The City must repeal all camping ordinances and rules in the city limits. Recent legal decisions require no contact without offering permanent housing.
  5. The City must sanction Camp James Talib Dean on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway as Permanent, Legal, and Valid, and a NO POLICE ZONE.
  6. The City must sanction other encampments across the city in spaces that we choose and that will be self-funded and self-governed.
  7. The City must immediately stop all Service Days, Encampment Resolutions or Homeless Sweeps or any other activities that harass unhoused people.
  8. The City must support Tiny Houses (Not funded by LIHTC or any other capitalist scheme) that are self-funded and self-governed by unhoused people. You will not replace any existing or future low-income housing funds to build Tiny Houses.


If your organization wants to endorse these demands, please send an email to philadelphiahousingaction@protonmail.com