Jennifer Bennetch

OccupyPHA Holds Press Conference to Respond to Housing Authority Allegations That Camp Teddy Is Blocking Construction of Affordable Housing

July 28, 2020, PHILADELPHIA, PA

On Tuesday July 28th Kelvin Jeremiah, President and CEO of the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) released statements to the press that OccupyPHA is blocking construction of affordable housing at the site of the protest encampment, Camp Teddy, directly across from PHA’s $45m headquarters. On July 29th OccupyPHA and Camp Teddy residents will hold a press conference and will release the actual PHA board resolutions and construction plans regarding the site.

Who: Jennifer Bennetch and Camp Teddy Residents
What: Press Conference Responding to the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA)
When: Wednesday July 29th, 10am
Where: N 21st street and Ridge Ave
Why: The Philadelphia Housing Authority is making misleading claims about its development plans slated for the lots currently occupied by the protest encampment

Press Packet:

1) PHA Resolution No. 12089 4/20 – Detailing plans for 2000 and 2100 block of Ridge Ave

2) PHA Timeline – Brief timeline outlining PHA activities 2010 to present

3) Index of Shootings – Incomplete index of shootings on PHA properties and lack of PHA Police response

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