On 8/31/2020, the City of Philadelphia posted their final eviction notice for both protest encampments for houseless residents.

The City and PHA (Philadelphia Housing Authority) entered the final round of negotiations on 9/01/2020, The City claimed they would reveal properties for transference to different organizations, not a Community Land Trust.

The city failed to reveal the properties and refused to guarantee Philadelphia Housing Action ownership of property for the use
of permanent housing for the residents of the encampments.

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) can be particularly powerful tools in areas facing rapid economic change and/or appreciation in land values.

Historically, the PHA have allowed viable and livable properties to accrue value before auctioning them off to private developers like OCF Realty and V2 Properties, Philadelphia’s biggest real estate developers.

Both the City and PHA are more than able to facilitate these demands, even PHA attorney, Laurence Redican openly admitted he has the authority to help transfer vacant properties to a CLT, but is “unwilling to do so.”

Philadelphia Housing Action, the residents of the encampments and thousands of homeless folk around the city demand HOUSING NOW.